Knee, Shoulders Hurting?

Feel Relief…Fast With CBD!

Knee, Shoulders Hurting?

Feel Relief…Fast With CBD!

Rediscover your stride.

Recovery activated.

Rediscover your stride.

Recovery activated.

Leave the rest to us!

You, the next morning.

Leave the rest to us!

You, the next morning.

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Why Nüvacalm ?

Full & Broad Spectrum

High Potency

Long Lasting

Made In USA

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Zero High

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#1 CBD Topical Recovery Cream!

Wellness, applied.

Welcome to Nüvacalm, where natural wellness meets active living! Our premium line of CBD roll-on and cream solutions is meticulously crafted to support the active lifestyles of individuals like you.

Harnessing the power of nature’s botanicals, our products are designed to enhance mobility, promote vitality, and invigorate your daily routine. Experience the freedom to move with confidence and embrace every moment with renewed energy. 

Join us on a journey to unlock the potential of your active lifestyle and empower your life, naturally.

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Faith P

“I’m a 3-sport athlete formerly and a long-distance runner that could not do it without Nüvacalm.”

Chris R

“Thanks to Nüvacalm CBD Active 5000, I am able to play pickleball at the same high level every day.”

David M

“I’ve tried all the others but Nüvacalm has really made a difference.”


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Recovery, sleep and wellness, packaged all nicely together.

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Is CBD for me?

What is CBD?

Imagine feeling your best again, but naturally. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a remarkable compound found in hemp that works with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to promote recovery, overall balance, and well-being. Unlike THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, CBD won’t get you high – it simply helps your body function at its best, supporting your active lifestyle.

What can CBD do for me?

Imagine thriving on your active lifestyle! Nuvacalm CBD is designed to support the well-being of active individuals like you. After challenging games, matches, and workouts, Nuvacalm CBD may help promote relaxation and support your body’s natural recovery process. Looking to improve your sleep quality and feel your best overall? Nuvacalm CBD offers a natural approach to wellness.

Why is CBD a good alternative to over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)?

Upgrade your recovery! Nuvacalm CBD offers a natural path to well-being for active individuals who cannot or prefer not to take NSAIDs.

  • Supports your body’s natural recovery process: CBD may help promote relaxation and recovery allowing you to bounce back faster after workouts.
  • Promotes relaxation and overall well-being: Feel your best and stay active with a natural approach that complements your lifestyle.

May be gentler on your body: Some people find traditional pain relievers can cause unwanted side effects.

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