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Anxious? Research Suggests CBD Might Help, But Talk To Your Doctor First

CBD For Anxiety Relief

Millions struggle with anxiety, often seeking relief through various methods. While THC (another cannabis compound) can worsen anxiety, CBD shows promise for calming nerves. 51% of US adults using CBD cite anxiety relief as their reason, according to a Forbes Health survey.

But is CBD a magic bullet? No. The FDA hasn’t approved it for anxiety, and navigating its potential requires a cautious approach. Consulting a doctor familiar with cannabis is crucial. They can help you understand the latest research, potential risks, and interactions, guiding you toward personalized solutions.

Science on CBD and anxiety is promising but still evolving. Studies suggest effectiveness in:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): A 2011 study showed CBD significantly reduced anxiety in GAD participants compared to placebo.
  • PTSD and Phobias: Early research suggests CBD, alone or with THC, might offer relief. A 2019 study found CBD reduced PTSD symptom severity alongside standard care.
  • Dosage is key: A 2019 study found a 300mg dose more effective than 150mg or 600mg for public speaking anxiety.

By staying informed and prioritizing your health through open communication with your doctor, you can explore the potential of CBD and make informed decisions about your well-being.,U.S.%20adults%20conducted%20by%20OnePoll.