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National Physical Therapy Month: How CBD Can Help You Move Better


October is National Physical Therapy Month, a time to celebrate the immense benefits of this healthcare profession. Physical therapists empower individuals of all ages and abilities to achieve optimal movement, manage pain, and recover from injuries.

This month, we also explore the potential of CBD as a complementary tool in supporting movement and managing discomfort. CBD, a natural compound found in the hemp plant, has garnered significant interest for its potential anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and relaxation-promoting properties.

Exploring the Potential of CBD:

While research continues, here are some ways CBD might complement physical therapy efforts:

  • Inflammation Management: CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory properties could offer comfort and support recovery by reducing inflammation associated with various conditions.
  • Pain Relief Assistance: Preliminary studies suggest CBD’s potential to ease pain associated with various sources, including arthritis, back pain, and muscle pain. This might complement physical therapy exercises and pain management strategies.
  • Promoting Relaxation: The potential relaxation-inducing properties of CBD could help calm nerves and reduce anxiety, benefiting individuals nervous about physical therapy or experiencing pain.
  • Sleep Quality Improvement: Research suggests CBD might offer support for improved sleep quality, which can contribute to greater energy levels and potentially aid in pain management and recovery.

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  • Consult your doctor before using CBD, especially if you have pre-existing conditions or take medications.

Important Disclaimer:

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